Sebastian Wesman is a composer and filmmaker born in Argentina, based in Estonia, where he produces his work. His work includes albums like “Invento” (2006), “Astronomic Panoram” (2010), “Otros Parámetros” (2013) and film projects
“A Blue Bird” (2012), “Visual Poems” (2013),  short films "My Friend" (2013) and “New World” (2014). The year 2015 saw the birth of a feature film called "M E T Á F O R A" (2015). In 2013 he founded Otros Parámetros Films under which he produces his cinematographic works. As a composer and performer he has presented his solo violin concerts in Europe,
South-America and Asia. His compositions include music for choirs and string quartets. His work as a filmmaker and
composer have been presented on the four continents.